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UPDATED ON 1st February 2018

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      • BRAINSTORM 2018
      • One of Scottish’s most awaited and beloved event has finally arrived with a blast. The students arrange an array of young inspiring speakers, coming from a wide spectrum of fields, to speak to our impressionable students about their careers and varied lives. This year’s line-up is an interesting assortment of six achievers in their respective fields. And the best part? The Zeitgeist team brings you a detailed interview with each one of them!
      • First up, we have Ayesha Kanga, a multifaceted personality- model, actress and graphic designer. She has graduated from the much renowned National Institute of Design, having starred in several productions, as well as, having modelled for numerous famous brands. One of the most important questions that students in this day and age have is how to switch career paths after having predetermined one. Ayesha suggests youngsters to always have a back-up in case they ever wanted to shift to an unstable and temporary career, like hers. She said that having an alternative, graphic designing in her case, will not only ensure a stable livelihood for yourself, but also assure your parents to gain their backing in your decision.
      • One of the biggest difficult in this field, she says, is the constant feeling of insecurity you experience every time you see anyone prettier or taller than you. But her advice for anyone aspiring to join this challenging career is to always have a good image of yourself and never lose sight of your potential. She also stresses on the importance to have an idol to look up to in any field you choose to pursue. For her they would be Bhoomika Arora in modeling, and Jessica Walsh in graphic designing.
      • Next on our list, is Shayan Roy- content creator and writer at BuzzFeed India- a YouTube sensation and an upcoming viral Internet personality. He has a witty and eccentric sense of humor and blew away the audience, especially our eighth grader girls! In the interview with Shayan, we had an interesting talk about the up and coming Internet industry and its scope in an Indian market. Nowadays, YouTube and other forms of social media, especially the Internet, have become an especially viable career option. Shayan told us that this field has a huge amount of potential because of the monumental untapped industry, paired with the assisting fact that India has the second largest number of Internet users. He has simple advice for people wanting to pursue anything along similar lines- always believe in yourself and keep writing till you get it right. With regard to life at BuzzFeed itself, Shayan tells us about how there are various jobs at BuzzFeed India itself, ranging from content creation about immediate topics, as opposed to writing scripts that follow a proper storyline and take months to format. We ended the conversation with a rather fun question of the craziest thing to happen at the BuzzFeed office. It was pranking their co-workers with snakes. Yes, quite wild.
      • All of our speakers have a background that any regular student might have and yet, they have managed to do something absolutely brilliant and unconventional. They are proof of the fact that you can do anything in life, and be anyone you want to, with a little bit of courage, determination and brainstorming!
      • – Tanaya Ranade
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