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UPDATED ON 1st July 2018

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      • PRIDE MONTH 2018

        As we enter into the seventh month of the year, the Zeitgeist team wishes to bring to you a quick recap of this year’s Pride Month and all of its highlights. Pride Month is the literal pride of the LGBT+ community which takes place annually, in the month of June.

        It is the month of displaying your emotions and true self with utmost pride and dignity, because after all, no one should be ashamed of the way they are. It is an act of political activism and protest against those closed minds who ‘suffer’ from homophobia. This event is largely observed in the U.S.A where almost every major city participates in the pride month with various marches, parades and celebrations. The affair receives endless support and recognition from several celebrities, as well, which only makes it that much better and impactful.

        India, too, celebrated her Pride Month this year, largely in the city of Mumbai. It was conducted in the month of February by the pro-LGBT+ community under the name ‘Queer Azadi Mumbai’. They organized a series of events and a large-scale pride parade in the financial capital of the country. Protesters from all over the city joined the parade on the third and lifted banners to the tagline ‘#377QuitIndia’. India might not be completely open to this community yet, but it sure is progressing towards readiness.

        Let’s celebrate Pride Month in our behaviour and thoughts throughout the year because the troubles these people are experiencing are real. Let’s learn to love one another for who and whatever we are.


        -Tanaya Ranade

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