What is the Scottish Zeitgeist all about?


The sparrow symbolises vigilance, joy, creativity and wisdom. Sparrows are small in size but extremely protective, especially as a clan. And that’s why we call ourselves ‘The Sparrows’.
Less than a year ago, the founders gave us an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful magazine. Little did we know then, that someday we would be given the chance to manage it ourselves.
The founder of this magazine, Shreela Agarwal, started it with a view of providing a medium for students in our school that couldn’t voice their opinions, were scared to do so or simply didn’t believe there was a platform to showcase their talents. We hope that in the year to come, we can do the same and give a chance to students, to outdo their own as well as other’s expectations. Our team hopes to cater to every type of audience and provide them with the best content.
With that, we present to you the incoming team of the Zeitgeist for 2017-18.

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The Scottish Zeitgeist is the much awaited Scottish Newsletter started by the ISC section. The german word ‘Zeitgeist’ means the spirit of the age or the spirit of the time and the Scottish Newsletter is just that. We aim at truly capturing the essence, the hidden talents and this spirit of Scottish and present it to the rest of the school.

The Scottish Newsletter is simply a compilation of what really happens in this 167 year old building. However, this time it’s from the students point of view, our perspective and a little glimpse into our world from our eyes.

And like a newsletter, anyone and everyone is free to submit in their articles, comic strips, art work or even something that they write and would want the rest of the school to read.

After all it’s a newsletter for everyone. Feel free to submit your work to the editorial team of the ISC Std 11!! Anytime, anywhere please feel free to approach us.

“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind”

-William Shakespeare

The Zeitgeist Team 2016-17



The Editorial Team 2015-2016



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