Guest Writer

Eccedentesiast Divine.

Still blocked but it’s to prevent heart lock;

For I must find my breathing shrine under the tyranny of the clock.


You know not, why I am trying not to be friends;

Thinking I am starting malicious trends.


Dive deep down in me and you will find-

A heart strained and pulled to a grind;

Obscured by falsities, like an eccedentesiast-divine.


A gargantuan sorrow had pulled me to its maw;

I kicked and swam forward-helped by limited paws-

Paws of those whose philanthropy is sans bound.


Find me a melody in the musty air,

And I will find you bravery in a place you won’t dare.


Get me a pint of the poison shiva drank,

I shall convert it into your nightmare since the world again went clank.


Get me an immoral living by a culvert,

Guide him, shall I-

To the purple vestments, sanctified by The Almighty in the clergy’s eye.


Throw what you may directed at me;

I shall face it, head on, for I am now, of you, free.

-Avnish Sengupta


The Scottish Style

All the moments at the frankie-wala’s, skimping out of homework by the extremely convenient headache, getting over skirmishes with your friends, the eternal heartbreaks over not getting picked for an inter house competition, the ephemeral time on stage during concert and the memories made on sports day that are set in stone- Scottish indeed makes every student feel it all.

Scottish is not just a building, not just a temple of education nor just a home. It’s a magical place. The walls, the buzzing projector, the wooden benches and even the swinging doors all seem to work together to do one thing which not many schools, if not any school, gives you- it gives you the true feeling of life through all its trials and tribulations. It literally brings all the maxims you hear during your daily discourse to life!

There are so many opportunities to excel here and one actual truth of life that lives in the school motto is – “Perseverance and Faith in God is literally all you need to succeed.” I had never really written pieces or taken an active part in the literary arts but one day something came over me and I wrote a poem subconsciously. Before I knew it, the poem had reached my teacher. To this day, I can’t explain how. It just did. However, the nudge which this gave me pushed me to pursue my dormant passion in literature.

Once I had an interest in actively participating in a club and organizing something. The walls seemed to have ears because suddenly an opportunity very coincidentally revealed itself. I was elected as the co- head of the citizenship club the very next week after I went out on a limp and took hold of that chance and found myself busy planning and organizing the independence-day itinerary and a play for Hindi Day.

There have been numerous instances like this which we tend to ignore the cause for. However, the Scottish spirit lives. If you really want something and are willing to go the extra mile, it will give you the nudge. It manifests itself in strange way making sure every scottishite realizes and underlying passion.

The Scottish foyer also encompasses all kinds of students- from prodigies to loafers, they have it all. If you are vigilant enough, you will see the answer to the fruits of life staring right at you. This place will make you understand the true maxims by experiencing it, by making you fight for what you want. If you are true in your instincts- you maybe lucky enough to see the Scottish Spirit in action.

– Avnish Sengupta

Why I’m a Cynic
No one is born a pessimist, an optimist, or whatever other adjectives you can think of to describe someone. No, we are who we are because of the events that take place around us and the people we surround ourselves with. In the world we live in, it is hard to be optimistic about anything. Donald Trump elected as president of USA, Britain leaving EU, the entire Rio Olympics fiasco… Every article I read, it gets harder and harder to keep a positive attitude towards the world. We’ve built our cities upon the graveyard of forests, which would’ve inspired awe in any who witnessed them. This is why I’m a cynic.
People do not describe others as cynics as a compliment. They believe these people have a negative view of the world, that they choose to ignore the good. I disagree. I see the world for what it is. Most people perceive the world through bubbles they’ve created for themselves, and inside this bubble, the harsh truth of the world cannot get them. I’ve chosen to burst my bubble, to see the world through clear eyes, and what I see leaves no room for optimism. To me, optimism is the same as naivety.
One of the biggest reasons why I’m cynical is our education system. An educational institute should be a place which evokes passion in learning new things, in learning more about the world and the incredible creatures that inhabit it, and learning about our ancestors and their lives, etc. Instead, it’s just another source of revenue to fatten the oversized wallets of those who own it.
You’ll rarely hear someone say that they want to be a teacher or professors, even those who initially say they do, change their minds. This isn’t because children do not respect the profession, but because the world doesn’t. We pay actors and actresses more than we pay our teachers, and what do they teach children? Teaching is one of the most underappreciated professions and I cannot think of a reason to justify that. These people are responsible for the future of several generations and yet, we treat them as if we do not need them. Then, we complain about how they don’t do their jobs properly or how they show no interest in teaching. How would you like to do a job where no one respects you and blames you for the fault of others? How do we expect a generation of open-minded intellectuals, when those responsible for them are not appreciated?
If the poor treatment of our teachers does not burst that protective bubble that some of us live in, surely the treatment we give our planet will.
Planet Earth is home to a diverse group of organisms of all shapes and sizes. These organisms lived in harmony, taking what little they needed and giving back what little they needed to give back. That is, until a new creature evolved, one that would disrupt this harmony and burn the world down to ashes- humans. Through the centuries that we’ve inhabited this planet, we’ve been nothing but selfish, taking what we want, when we want. We’re so driven by our desires, we resort to unthinkable acts. We cut down jungles to make our own concrete trees. We dug down into Earth and took all of its precious resources, not thinking twice about the consequences of our greed. We covered the bright, awesome starry night with a blanket of gray smoke and despair.
We tread down this path of eminent extinction, even after several signs of what the future holds for us. We stay ignorant to the fact that this planet we take for granted is dying. Those who can see our dying planet and try to show everyone else, are mocked and buried under news of new technologies which are supposed to be clean and safer but are worse than their predecessors. Our world leaders, those whom we trust could make decisions best for our world and all those who live in it, choose to ignore our burning planet.
So, this is the world we live in. Outside our little bubble lies an unjust, unfair and cruel world. We live in a world where the phrase, ‘it’s a dog eat dog world’, perfectly describes us, because we will do anything as long as it profits us, regardless of any of the consequences. Our elders mock us ‘millennials’ for being ungrateful, for the struggle they went through, but they neglect how ungrateful they were for having this planet and its resources. Past generations have destroyed this planet and now it is up to us to fix it before it’s too late.
I might be cynical, but it’s only because that’s the kind of mindset this world creates. I look at the world in a negative way, but only because we seem to want to destroy anything pure and positive. This is why I’m a cynic.
-Ishaan Bose

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Dear Batch of 2017,
As you stand in the place I stood last year, I can completely understand the whirlpool of emotions each of you must be experiencing. The nervousness of the approaching board exams, the fear of leaving school and everything familiar, and the anticipation of the exciting things that are about to happen. I know that this rush of emotion coming at you all at once might seem overwhelming, but trust me when I say this, you are not alone.
So I am not going to make this clichéd and speak about how school years are the best years of your life and how lucky you all are to call yourselves Scottishites because you’ve already heard it a million times and by now, you probably believe it too. What I am about to say is more of a piece of advice from someone who went through the exact same thing, not too long ago.
First things first, the shift from Scottish to other schools/colleges is not going to be easy. The experience within itself is extremely daunting. Going from an environment where you’ve already proved your worth to a place where no one knows who you are. Through this, there will be days where you will wish upon a star to travel back in time and spend more years in school. There were days that I wished that, but it’s important to not give up because you can’t rely on your achievements from school to get you through the rest of your life. You’ve left your mark in Scottish, now you need to make your presence unforgettable in your new college/school too.
Secondly, no matter how many new people you befriend, ALWAYS make time for your school friends. That doesn’t mean that you need to meet each other on a daily basis, but take an effort to stay in touch, because these are the friends you can count on being there for you when you are jumping with happiness or stress eating because of too much pressure.
And the last piece of advice from my end is do not forget everything your teachers and this institute taught you, and by this I don’t mean you must remember the density of Mercury or the date of the Second Round Table Conference. Instead, remember the values that have been instilled in you and the lessons learnt along the way because Scottish has prepared us to face everything beyond those iron gates.
So brace yourselves for 2017 as it is arguably going to be the most momentous year of your life so far. You start it off as Scottishites writing your prelims, and will go onto writing your boards, getting your results, leaving Scottish and ending the year studying in different institutions with a whole new set of people.
Seems pretty crazy right? But trust me, though all of it won’t be easy, it will be a wonderful learning experience and you will be sure to create some beautiful and unforgettable memories as long as you remember to have “Perseverntia Et Fide In Deo”.

Yours affectionately,
An Ex-Scottishite,
Saluni Chandok

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Society as we know it 
If you ever think your existence isn’t needed by humans or land,
Just look over your shoulder, you can grab onto my hand
We’ll go far, far way from what we call ”humanity”
And take a leisurely break from society’s insanity.
People are here only to judge you,
But mind you, you might find an angel on Earth too.
If you are going to abandon your for others to sell,
You’ll soon hear the roaring sound of a treacherous knell.
Life is a journey not a race.
Grievances are obstacles everyone had to face.
Everyone out there has a different story,
But not everyone ends with victory or glory.
We all have a dream to travel the world,
But we don’t always get what we want, or so, I have learnt.
Even the Sun leaves us in the dark,
But even when we’re alone, i bet we’ve still got that spark.
Life’s not always black or white,
It’s about vision, my friend, not only our sight.
Kill society’s bad thoughts with a dagger or a knife.
That is actually when we will learn, how to live a life.
                                                                    – Sanya Limaye