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On the 1st of July, the Alumni Association of the Bombay Scottish School, along with the students of our schoo bvgfbl gave Mr Adib Kenkre, our football coach, a farewell for his 17 years of his service to our great institution.

The star of the day, beloved Mr.Kenkre was escorted to the function by our Principal and the captains of the senior teams of the last 10 years, who wore their jerseys with utmost pride.

Some of the students gave short speeches about their favourite memories of him and how his great advice, irrespective of on or off the field was something that each of us was going to miss. While the memories were being shared, each of us recollected an incident of him telling us about how he had scored the winning goal in a final and had been carried around the ground by the supporters. A few laughs were shared and so were a few sighs as we all realised that those fun times with our beloved coach would no longer be made.
His eye for talent, words of encouragement and faith left each of the members of the football team thankful for being able to spend their years in Scottish.
The function ended on an emotional note as Mr Kenkre was felicitated by the school and spoke about how our school has been instrumental in giving him the pleasant and everlasting memories that he was taking with him. He bid adieu to all the students and faculty one last time and was escorted out of the school gates by all the players and teachers thus ending the era of Scottish’s greatest coach, a friend and our biggest inspiration.

                                           – The Football Team.

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–Under-10 Boys Division I


-Gayatri Pawaskar 11B

-Deniese Pereira 9th



Zenith: Football Girls

The teams that belonged to ZE-04 shuffled their way past the many other teams that awaited the Zenith sports meet to be declared open. After a short introduction and many discussions later, the girls and boys football teams steered towards their respective turfs.
The girls had an easy way till the finals
The details are as follows
Match 1: Ze-07B girls weren’t much of a competition for our Ze-04 Scottish girls and we won 7-0 with Rajnandini Rathi scoring 6 of the seven goals! Rajnandini was awarded the golden boot for this extraordinary feat.
Match 2: Ze-04(Scottish) then played the Ze-05 girls.. And guess what they won that too 2-1
The final: Ze-04(Scottish) played Ze-07A we gave the opponents (and strong ones at footy) a tough competition and ended 0-0. However, during the penalty kicks we lost 2-0. Despite the loss, the Scottish girls had great fun and a great experience to learn from.

–Saaranga Shetty 11B

Anglos: Girls Basketball

The tournament began with great zeal and enthusiasm, followed by days of intense competition. For most of us, this was our last Anglos. We played our quarter finals against Hutchings. arenas
During the fourth quarter, the game was neck to neck, with the lead changing almost every twenty seconds and every player giving it their all. The crowd cheered, while an air of tension prevailed. With three minutes left for the match to end, the score was tied. Since three of us were on four fouls, we had to defend with our hand behind our backs, avoiding any situation where we could get fouled out. As our opponents shot a basket, the three of us watched our lead slip away. Unable to defend herself, Leanne went to the sideline and passed the ball to Simran. Simran to Esha and then Esha to Sana. On being sandwiched between two players, receiving the ball would be risky. Ball possession was crucial at the moment and we needed a basket. And just before we got the basket, the whistle echoed and our opponents erupted, whilst we fell to our knees.
Although we were knocked out of the tournament, we did not mope around.
This trip taught us a lot. We learned to face the adversities life throws at us. Our losses taught us that failure is one step closer to success and that no matter how many times we fall, we should stand back up and fight. We’ve been playing together since the fifth grade and have been through thick and thin. It was through basketball that we learned sportsmanship, teamwork and selflessness. As a team, I’m sure that this unbreakable bond will remain.
As Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” So we lost a battle NOT THE WAR !

–Anjali Narrain 10D

pheasant shooting gun drawing sketch portrait 5Gayatri Pawaskar (Shooting)
Gayatri Pawaskar, an elite rifle shooter has not only brought laurels and pride to our school, but to our nation as well. While she stands first in the under 18 category and second in the under 21 category in India, she has also repressed the nation at the Asian Air Shooting Championship held in Kuwait, earlier this year. With 50 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 6 bronze medals, Gayatri continues to pursue her passion and hard work that started just four years ago.
“Shooting has given me my own identity and an opportunity to learn from all the obstacles that I come across.” says Gayatri. “It means way too much to me and it’s my parents, my school, my teachers and my friends that have made it possible for me.”
Gayatri’s dedication truly inspires a multitude of people and we hope to see Gayatri rise to even greater heights and finally get the Olympic Gold Medal that she has set her eyes on.
–Gayatri Pawaskar 11B

Football Update 2

football-sketch-320x198Football is a game which requires not only physical agility but also mental focus.In the Subroto two-day tournament, the U-17 girls team of Bombay Scottish, Mahim played tree matches. Two wins one loss. The first was a cakewalk: 10-0. The second match score was 3-0. It got us to the final round where we played against our rivals Cathedral John Cannon School. Their team, playing with greater determination and more discipline, took home the gold.Returning home with the runners-up trophy was bitter-sweet.

We have learnt a lesson; it’s either hard work, or no work.

–Anahita Keer 11A

Football Update 1

If football could be obsessed over by thousands of students at Scottish, then it really must be something special.
And the passion has really come along well.002-world-cup-2014-vince
On the 24th of July MSSA awarded the Scottish football teams both girls and boys the Trophy for Best Performance.
On 17th July our boys team played our Ex students, and guess what the Ex students haven’t lost their skill. Our present team lost both the matches 3-0 & 1-0, but who cares right? We still get the credit.
At Subroto, a DSO organized football tournament the U-17 girls and boys played challenging matches and came 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Up coming Anglo’s football tournaments and MSSA tournaments are greatly anticipated and we hope to bag some more Cups and golds.

-Udyaaksh Khera 11B
As told to Saaranga Shetty


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