Nritya Dance Competition 2015-16

Yellow House

The winning house, the yellow house, were to depict their performance on the basis of the element, fire. They told a story of not only the usefulness of fire but also of its destruction through the dance form, ‘Tandav.’ What better way to showcase the beauty and rage of fire?

Blue House

The runner-up house, the blue house with the element water, through a passionate dance, awed the audience and the judges alike showcasing the wrath of Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and water.

Green House

With the element ‘earth,’ green house depicted a story, and with the help of a song-like poetry they managed to keep the audience enchanted with their dance.

Red House

Red house with the element, air, spun an intricate tale which personified the feelings of love, anger, rage and loss that consumes a person.

-Shreela Agarwal 11C

It’s Time To Say Goodbye

I had my last official working day in school today and though at first I felt quite excited about leaving, towards the end I started tearing up a bit. I should have been happy; no more waking up at six am, no more uniforms, no more climbing five flights of stairs every morning but somehow I left with a heavy heart.
On Tuesday I had my last ever P.E. class and my coach who never really spent much time talking to us said something that changed the way I started looking at things in school. He said, “It doesn’t matter where you come from and what your status in society is. It doesn’t matter what your job is and how big your paycheck is. That’s not what life is about. What matters is that at the end of the day you’re a good kind hearted person.” He went on to say that we go to bed with ourselves every night and wake up with ourselves every morning and it’s our actions that determine our success.
It was at that moment when I realised how important this school has been in shaping me as a person. I never really took the time to appreciate all that I have been able to experience in this institution. Everything I have been through in this school from trying not to giggle while singing the three fold amen at the beginning of a school year at assembly to the Christmas concert which would cause world wars among the best of friends, from the famous banyan tree to queuing in line because they were serving “Thunder Balls” in the canteen, are memories that will stay with me forever.
Everyone goes through a time when they feel like they hate school and they can’t wait to get out but there is honestly no going back once you leave. I used to be that person for the longest time but my perspective has definitely changed as I count down the days for my departure. School is definitely one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life, not just because of the education and knowledge you receive but also the journey and experiences that comes along with it.
Though I still have a few months of exams left, it’s never going to go back to sitting in stuffy classrooms or running off to the washroom in hopes of skipping classes. I feel like I’m breaking up a fourteen year old relationship with a companion but I guess all good things come to an end.
Goodbye Scottish, you served me well.
Once a Scottishite, always a Scottishite!

-Neha Mistry 12A


“Brainstorm” was Bombay Scottish’s first ever youth innovation forum. Much like Ted Ex, Brainstorm was the platform for young, creative and adventurous minds to share their breakthrough thoughts and ideas. “The birth of creativity starts with the death of boundaries.” Brainstorm truly did that. There was no guide book or a set of limitations placed upon any speaker. With seven different speakers, one is bound to get completely different ideologies. From entrepreneur skills, to ones passion for music, the importance of different languages, or even one’s ability to save a life with just their hands, the speakers showcased a plethora of brilliant thoughts and ideas that got them thinking, moving and creating.
As individuals, all of us have probably had a thought, a thought we’d classify as “random”, that got us thinking beyond our boundaries,  that drove our mind to the extremities, just one random idea that got under our skin and we couldn’t shake off. However, sometimes you can’t keep it to yourself but need to put it out there for a bunch of other people. That’s when we look for the right platform, and Brainstorm was just that.

Brainstorm: Avanti Nagral 

Avanti Nagral is a teenage Performing Artist (singer) who sings in local productions of Broadway Shows, Concerts and Events.
Avanti will be attending Harvard University in 2016, and was the only student from India who got accepted into Harvard early. She graduated high school from the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai, holding numerous leadership positions and receiving the Most Promising Student award in her senior year. She topped her school in the ICSE National Board examinations, became a US Government National Merit Scholar, and received the INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) Scholarship from the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.
Avanti is also passionate about Public Health and Medicine. Over the past 6 years, she has done work in the fields of Anemia, Organ Donation and CPR/Emergency Care. In 2013, she founded YCPR, a Youth Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation campaign which engages and empowers the youth to help save lives within their communities. It aims to create a network of Bystander CPR trained youth, ready to administer life-saving treatment when the need arises. The campaign was seed-funded with her earnings as a performing artist, and won an award at the EMCON 2014 Emergency Medicine National Conference. Avanti also runs a Music Therapy initiative at the Pediatric Oncology ward of a large hospital in Mumbai.

Brainstorm: Akshay Agarwal 

Akshay Agarwal is a 17 year old Serial Entrepreneur who founded and to solve burning social issues. His companies have been successful and enjoy a position in the top 80k websites in india and have been featured in many Blogs, Magazines and newspapers (Hindustan Times, Economic times)Through his story Akshay will talk about teenage Entrepreneurship in terms of its stark reality, it’s psychological and developmental impacts and a small behind the scenes peek while revealing a few of his practical tips and tricks for success to budding entrepreneurs. was a social network for entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and accelerators to get connected, partner up and launch startups.

ClassFever is the Zomato for Schools and covers everything from School Rankings to Admissions, Jobs and Events & Competitions.

Brainstorm: Aayush Chadha 

A student of Podar International School with an interest in chess, computer science and economics, Aayush Chadha’s concept is based on “Why Chess should be taught in municipal schools?”. Through his talk, he aims to communicate to the young generation the importance of chess.
The talk is based on his own endeavour of teaching chess at Aseema, an NGO. All his classes at Aseema are an assimilation of the chess knowledge he has gained as a player from his coach and the numerous tournaments he has been to across the country. For him, chess can be a useful instrument in providing underprivileged kids a new focus in life while at the same time helping develop other aspects of their personality.
He blogs about his classes on, a website frequented by chess enthusiasts of all abilities.

Brainstorm: Arvind Ranganathan 

Arvind Ranganathan a 16 year old student of Ecole Mondiale World School is a talented musician. He plays a variety of instruments and composes music of multiple genres, going from classical rock to electronic, and has had his compositions performed in places like New York and New Hampshire.
Arvind is also passionate about math and technology, and is looking forward to further education, and a future, in math and music.

Brainstorm: Nikhil Mishra and Sahaj Sankaran 

Nikhil Mishra is a 12th grade student and linguist from École Mondiale. He speaks no less than 5 languages, one of which may have no more than 5 speakers globally (after all, who’s ever heard of Maithili?). When not learning Spanish, Turkish or Maithili Nikhil likes to crack brutally offensive jokes, partake in MUN and complain about the abysmal state of his college applications.
A student of Grade 12 at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Sahaj Sankaran is a bibliophile and lover of language in all its myriad forms.
He is particularly fascinated by sociolinguistics, and the manifestations of syntactic differences on culture among European languages, and the evolution of language through history.
In his spare time he enjoys Italian opera (exciting) and String Theory (more exciting).

Brainstorm: Akshat Bhuta 

Akshat Bhuta is a Humanities graduate from Jamnabai Narsee School. He enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and screenplays, and directing terrible short movies. He also occasionally dabbles in philosophy and theology. He is very proud of being able to order dinner in five languages. An aspiring filmmaker, he’s currently ensuring his unemployability in all fields except the ones he likes.

Brainstorm: Amay Saxena

Amay Saxena, 17, from Dhirubhai Ambani International School, is
an internationally
recognized roboticist and disciple of the flying spaghetti monster.
He is currently collaborating to create a computer simulation of human memory, and believes this can lead to computers with morality.
Apart from robotics, his other interests include speedcubing (Google it), illustrating and writing his webcomic, and being an all round absolute ledge.

Zenith Shutterbug: Winning Team Presentation

Topic: Capture the Essence of Zenith
Take pictures of all the events going on at Podar and assemble to one of the rooms at 12.30pm. You are given about 1 hour to select maximum 30 best pictures and present them in any way you like.
Winning Team Members: Shreela Agarwal, Malvika nehrurlkar, Saanika Nasta

Yes Foundation: ‘Yes I AM THE CHANGE’

In our fast moving lives we tend to miss out the minute details . We miss out on others, as we’re way too engrossed in ourselves. Yes Foundation, gave us the chance to change it. “Yes I Am The Change” was a 3 minute film making challenge open for all students across India. The participants would receive an email with their topic at 6am on Independence Day and get 101 hours to shoot, edit and upload the film. It definitely wasn’t easy to build an efficient team, come up with a bright idea, film someone else’s life and edit it to make it look presentable to the judges. However, this was the challenge we accepted and here are a few results…


 We interviewed many street vendors at various locations and tried our best to capture the essence of their work while they toiled away. We also included a doctor in our film- Dr. Vasi, a bronchiologist, who educated us on the various lung diseases afflicting the street vendors who work next to automobiles emitting noxious fumes.
After interviewing these ‘everyday heroes’, we realised that they need a change in their lives and we hope that we helped them a little towards attaining it.
–Yohann Mathew

“Children’s Right to Education”

Our film A Spark Of Awakening is a skit about a bratty teenager Tisha who’s mother despite being a lawyer encourages child labour by employing a thirteen year old girl, Madhu, for work. This deeply affects Tisha who sees that the girl actually wants to study.  Tisha fights for Madhu’s rights by going against her mother and is able to liberate Madhu to pursue studies.

Making this film was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. This film made me realize that anyone can be a hero, all you have to do is to be brave enough to face obstacles, however difficult, that come before you and… You too can make a change.

–Arushi Mathur 11B

“Animal Care”

We filmed at the NGO W.S.D, B.S.P.C.A  an animal hospital an Parel. There we met with the main subject of our film Mr.s Burretto, she told us that she always wanted to give back to the society and decided to adopt and look after 16 stray dogs from her colony. We feel that she is an inspiration to society and everyone should strive to be selfless and helpful like her.

–Anoushka James 11C

“Responsible Citizenship”

We got to a brainstorming session and came up with the idea to portray responsible citizenship through a person who goes out of his comfort zone by including the differently abled people on regular work sphere.  

Making a film is like playing football. You have to follow the rules, tackle every problem but you still have a whale of an amazing time playing.The spirituality and the sense of satisfaction that you get at the end of it all is a bonus.  

-Sumedha Madhivanan 11B

“A Tribute to Scottish”

A thank you to all the teachers at Scottish from my side who nurtured, guided and taught me to look beyond textbooks and notes… to listen to my heart

— Shreela Agarwal (11 C)


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