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Captain Scottish

  • Its been a week since. Things started settling in just recently for the lad.He’s never had to shake hands with so many members of the school staff (most of them he still doesn’t know :$) in the same week. Even today a few middle school students ‘saluted’ him as he passed by. After that first assembly, the one in which he had to stand onstage, he’s been bludgeoned with advice on his posture.
    The other day, a member of the faculty came up to him and said,
    “Boy, you need a pair of pants that fit you well.” Yes its been a blur ,that week has, its been a blur since its very onset. This may not be new to him, but it sure is equally as exciting yet intimidating as the first.
    Here’s a little bit of background;Shaan Bhatt,is a normal High
    School attending individual, currently donning a rather sensational haircut one must point out, who recently got certain powers vested unto him, but does that change who he his?NO. You’ll still find him goofing about in the corridors of the 5 th floor during lunch time or cracking the occasional cheesy joke during a lecture.
    Nevertheless, the young boy is now hard at work, transforming into a more assertive and authoritative self, at least we hope he is. Its been a bizarre week for him since students have been chanting the word “captain” almost every time they see him and some really *merciful* teachers have not once missed a chance to pull his leg along with some wise words for the path ahead. Mentally, he sure
    is ABSOLUTELY calm and composed, this is a necessary
    requirement when there’s a great lot expected from you, everyone is watching you, studying you and imitating you. With a lot to look forward to (and hold on to), he is now in a state of extreme retrospection. With a lot of promises to uphold, we wish him all the
    best of luck.
    Disclaimer:He has promised to not control whatever we write about
    him, therefore, this article was *not at all* censored/edited or
    written by him.
  • -Not Him.


IMG_1851Les Roches Summer School 

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is one of the best hospitality schools in the world, and I had the privilege of attending their Summer Program this July for two weeks. I had earlier attended a workshop where I was awarded a full scholarship to go for the two-week program in Switzerland. I went to Les Roches to get a better idea about what hospitality is all about and how the school works, but this experience gave me so much more than just that.
I haven’t travelled much internationally, so going to Switzerland gave me a culture shock. There were people from all over the world! I made friends with people from Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Indonesia, and many more places. However, the moment we arrived at the campus, I felt at home. I happened to meet a fellow Scottishite, Eashan Lulla, who was interning at the school. It was a crazy coincidence but it felt good to know someone who was studying there. I actually already knew a girl coming from Bangalore, Ria Kejriwal. My roommate on the other hand took a bit longer warming up to me, but in the end we became pretty close. She is from Taiwan and she lives in Chicago. A lot of the students were originally from places where they did not live in anymore. It was eye opening to learn about the different cultures, traditions, festivals, languages, etc. We exchanged so many stories about our countries and families, and the conversations never lacked excitement.
On our second day there, we had our first lesson: an introduction to team-building. Teaching us the importance of working together seemed to be one of their chief goals, because we had a lot of team activities, and they were all so much fun. The same day, we were divided into eight groups and were made to compete against each other as teams. We had to complete tasks which could only be fulfilled by working together. We played paintball, bubble football (we played football while inside gigantic bubbles), fun forest (obstacle courses in the forest), canyoning, and bowling.We had other classes as well, of course. We had classes on leadership, non-verbal communication, kitchen and service, cocktail making (don’t get all excited, there was no alcohol involved), food and wine pairing, a pastry workshop, marketing and communication and introduction to sustainability. Who knew folding a table cloth was that complicated? And don’t get me started on the teachers. Words cannot describe how brilliant they were at what they do.

The classes were very interactive, full of little activities, skits and exercises, and the teachers’ backstories were even more fun to hear. One of my professors met Tom Cruise at a hotel he worked at! (FYI he’s way smaller than you may think he is).
We had numerous educational visits. To demonstrate complete sustainability, the school took us to the Maya Hotel. It was built by this couple completely from scratch, the entire hotel is eco-friendly. We were taken to a food museum where we were given a history of tools used in agriculture, different methods of trapping birds and fish, religious habits, etc. We also went to the Grandhotel- Suissemajestic which is a four-star luxury hotel, where they familiarised us with the history and  different features.
Along with the educational trips, we also had a number of visits to different cities. We visited Crans-Montana (my friend and I had waffles and fruit shakes!), Zermatt (where we had lunch at a restaurant three thousand metres up a mountain), Sion, (four hours of shopping and all I bought were mittens and some food), Montreux, a cruise on the Léman Lake and we even went to a water park which was wicked! I almost drowned, but it was so worth it. They took us for dinner in Sion and a barbeque where we even attempted to teach our sports professor the Cup Song, and failed miserably.
By the end of the trip, I felt like I had been living there for years rather than just twelve days. It was almost like all of us had known each other since forever. At the end of the first week, more than half the students either went to Spain or went home, which was extremely sad because a lot of my friends left. I don’t think I have ever cried that hard while saying goodbye to anyone. We made promises to see each other to keep in touch, and so far we’ve all kept our word. The upside is that a lot of us have decided to go to Les Roches next year, so we will meet again.
Like I said before, this trip didn’t just give me a better insight on what hospitality is, but also gave me a second family and an experience that will continue to live in my mind and heart forever.
-Sabah Mehta 12 A

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A large number of students continue to remain confused about career choices even after they complete high school. Most of them have been told the often repeated lie of-  after the board exams you won’t have to study. But that is not the case. However, what I want to talk about is the stream of Humanities. There are so many myths associated with studying Humanities. The first and the most prominent one being: smart students don’t pursue Humanities.

But to begin with, how many of us know what courses are available under Humanities? Do we know that it includes subjects like Economics, Political Science and Sociology, which are critical courses if one has to understand how the society functions and also how an individual functions as a member of the society.

Not all under-performing students study Humanities. In our society, we put so much emphasis pursuing Science. The fact is that a society cannot function with only doctors and engineers. Humanities helps us understand, predict and guide the direction in which society is headed. For example, in Humanities we study not only what the society is like now but also how it was. In Sociology, we study how norms and cultures affect us.

If calculation of the velocity of an object under various conditions is difficult, so is understanding the idea of dialectical materialism given by Karl Marx. Students and parents also need to put to rest their worries about career options. A student armed with a Bachelors or Masters degree in Economics can aim at pursuing a career as an Economist or Economic Analyst, or work in financial institutions and MNCs. A student pursuing a career in Political Science can aspire to be part of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) or Indian Revenue Service (IRS), or become a part of various consulting firms as the demand for people who can read political trends and predict accurately about political event is very high. Journalism is another field that one can consider to reach out to the masses and ‘be the change’ that everyone talk about.

Parents and teachers who are supposed to be mentors for children, must have an open mind and allow their children to select Humanities, if they wish to pursue anything related to it. If one actually analyses it, they’d know that Humanities consists of very different subjects ranging from History to Law, study of the society to international relations as compared to Science or Commerce. The study of Arts allows you to approach a situation or a problem in multiple ways. It encourages you to think in multiple directions and analyse all possibilities.
So next time, think before you widen your eyes when someone says they’ve chosen Humanities as their stream. Also, please don’t call it “Arts”.

                                                                      -Abhinav Shankaramann

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“What about garbage?

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ has a habit of mocking stereotypes, a fact that is not the least bit surprising, given that the whole theme of the show is to parody the real Silicon Valley in the United States. In my opinion, it is also the funniest show currently running. As the internet and its fanbase prepares for season 4, due for release on April 23rd, I felt it prudent to review seasons 1-3, and to weigh my expectations for Pied Piper’s 4th season.

If you’ve already started ‘Silicon Valley’, then you know how it can be simultaneously hilarious, sharp, accurate, and bleak. If you disagree with this assessment, you’ve clearly not seen enough of the show or have not understood it. In either case, my deepest sympathies are with you.

In case you haven’t started watching it yet, or haven’t heard of it, this is the premise of the show: the series chronicles the (mis)adventures of a ‘the next big thing’ company, the fictional Pied Piper, a company that provides ‘A Middle-Out Compression Solution Making Data Storage Problems Smaller’. This complicated mumbo-jumbo means that they make files smaller, to save space, and do a really good job of it. Centred primarily around Richard Hendricks, your typical coder/computer guy/computer engineer/ nerd/ socially awkward lanky white boy and the genius who builds technology that could potentially be worth billions.
Silicon Valley offers a satirical, and often self-aware, look at the high-stakes gambling game that takes place between technology companies, venture capital firms, and the few power players who control technology monopolies and squash threats to their empires with ruthless ease. Over the course of three seasons, the protagonists, who include the aforementioned genius white boy, a stereotypical South Asian, a ‘still stuck in the 2000’s Emo and grunge scene’ programmer with a ponytail and an arrogant overweight ‘veteran’ of the game. There is also a business-savvy member of the team, who fulfils the ‘doormat’ role, and, perhaps, fulfils it too much.The protagonists are surrounded by a small satellite of stereotypical (again) characters, most notably Jian Yang, a Chinese app developer who speaks butchered English (the title of this article is his response to being told to repeat the words “I never burn trash”), and Monica Hall, who is there to provide the ‘12% of tech people are women’ quota, as the show itself makes very clear. The antagonists are no less, exaggerating the blind ego and stupidity of tech titans and investors to almost unbelievable levels.

Needless to say, this show is fantastic.

As part of its brutal satire of the nerd elite, and of the tech industry as a whole, it delivers a solid story, with bleak results but with hope, unexpected yet expected plot twists, and a smooth, unfiltered, uncensored, sharp, and ceaselessly ‘savage’ brand of humour. While some (or most) of the tech lingo that is used may fly over one’s head, there isn’t much that is difficult to follow. The writers and creators have gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that they depict as accurate an image of the real valley as possible; their pursuit of accuracy is so extreme that the show has a consultant that sold a company to Google for a hundred million dollars and was once the CEO of Twitter.

In order to avoid giving away details or putting down spoilers, I will conclude with the following, which, if I am being honest, does no justice to the show itself, as does the roughly 500-word ramble that I listed before it. Nevertheless, here goes: Silicon Valley is an accurate, hilarious, dark and smart take on the real hub of the global tech world, that is not afraid of being brutal in its opinion and depiction of the chaos that produces our alien ware and ‘smart’ devices. It delivers fantastic comedy (partly through its unashamed stereotyping) and a gripping story, that will emotionally involve you to the extent that you will be screaming when you see the protagonists make obvious mistakes, and a series of unfortunate events follow.

Take my word for it, and go invest, in ‘Silicon Valley’.

                                                          -Rushabh Kapasi

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Has the weight of a problem pulled you down to an extent to which you cannot imagine you moving forward? Have you felt like you aren’t good enough or you weren’t/aren’t prepared for a particular event in the future? Are there days where you feel restless for absolutely no reason or too many reasons?

You have to know something.

It is okay to feel like that.

Maybe there are days where you want to just lie on your soft mattress, plunge your head into a pillow and hope that everything goes away. The bad news is: You can’t afford to do it. The good news is: You will get through it. Even if you feel like you can’t breathe for one more second without your heavy soul crying its heart out, know that there is a way out. The ability to work for something with your entire mind and body determined to achieve it, is often identified as “the act of trying”. However, trying doesn’t assure success, but the immense satisfaction and the abundance of pride you achieve after you have tried is something. And believe it or not, nothing can replace that feeling.

 As we find ourselves through our teenage years of life, expectation, and doubt is bound to have a tremendous impact on our performance. What no one will tell us is that it is okay to fall, cry and fail sometimes. We tend to magnify the problems life throws at us instead of embracing them. And somehow, we are the only ones suffering but we are also the only ones capable of getting ourselves out of it. We tend to change ourselves and act a certain way because of the opinions people hold about us. Trust me, the only opinion that matters in this world is your own. Being indifferent to others opinions doesn’t mean that you are selfish. It simply means you’re strong enough to not let unnecessary negativity get to you. When push comes to shove, we aren’t instantly gifted with magical powers to equip ourselves to face the problem. It is our latent capabilities that reflect in our behavior and help us get through it.

As Mandy Hale once said “It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make yourself a priority. It’s necessary.”


IMG-20170315-WA0001Trumping Over Brexit

On 10th March 2017, Julia Lindley-Baker of Bishop Grosseteste University, accompanied by two of her colleagues, came to Bombay Scottish School, Mahim to give us an insight on the Brexit, the exit of Britain from the European Union. Intranational and international cultural shocks and dissimilarities, the sun that finally set on the British Empire, and others.

As all the students from the Commerce and Humanities sections eagerly amassed in one of the classes of the ISC floor, the vivacity in the air was difficult to contain. Sitting with us were a few teachers, including our immensely knowledgeable Economics teachers, Mrs. Shauma Sen, who was just as eagerly awaiting the arrival of the speakers as we were.

The speaker, along with her small entourage, arrived soon after we had seated ourselves. She introduced herself as Julia and stressed on the fact that we should call her the same, to maintain an informal atmosphere which is more conducive to learning.

She started off by talking about her experience in India as a Britisher, and the intricacies and distinctive aspects she noticed India has, which differentiate it from the world. Then there was an interactive session where students spoke about their experiences with cultural shocks when they traveled to another country or even within India itself.

This was followed by Mrs. Baker giving us some insight as to what the political situation was in Britain prior to the Brexit referendum which took place last year. It helped us understand that one of the chief reasons for Brexit was that the British common man did not have much or any knowledge of what being a member of the EU even means.

Following this, an intense analysis into the causes and consequences of Brexit began. Mrs. Baker gave a stimulating speech, following which started a Donald Trump v/s Brexit debate, the criterion for discussion being which decision of 2016 will have the worst consequences. A vote was taken, and the result was overwhelming stating that Trump was the worst decision of 2016.

Then, Mrs. Sen came up and gave her viewpoint on the issue, following which a few students also gave their perspectives or asked questions. It was a very knowledgeable discussion, with both sides justifying their stand.

Whether Donald Trump was the greatest debacle of 2016, or whether it was Britain that made an irrevocably ignorant and stupid decision, is something we will find out, hopefully only as observers!

The entire experience was enriching, enchanting and enhancing. None of the students were bored and everybody actively participated in the discussion. We hope we get to see more presentations such as these since it supplements our knowledge on an issue.

-Siddharth Sarda, 11C


La La Land? Wait, it’s Moonlight!

After having swept seven Golden Globe awards, La La Land was quite geared up for winning the Best Film at the Oscars. With a film so musical and colourful, La la Land laid the next milestone for musicals following The Sound of Music. With all eyes on Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, the Oscars were commenced by Jimmy Kimmel for the 89th time, in California.
While Mahershala Ali stole the show right in the beginning of the Academy Awards, for being the first Muslim to have won an academy award for the best supporting actor in Moonlight, the audience was completely unaware of what awaited them.
The media was head over heels for Dev Patel, who was accompanied by his mother as his date for the Oscars, and was found adjusting Sunny Pawar’s, a co-actor aged 8, suit. Casey Affleck won Best Actor for Manchester By The Sea, leaving all the girls rooting for Ryan Gosling in a state of sadness.
However, Emma Stone picked up the Best Actress for the Academy Awards and now the hopes of winning the best film were at its highest! And as expected, the award for to Best Film did go to La La Land!
The entire cast was on stage, people making their victory speeches and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, a man walked up and said, “Wait, Moonlight it’s you guys” Everyone thought it was a joke but apparently it wasn’t. This was, without a doubt, one of the biggest mishaps that has happened in the history of the Oscars.
To say the least, it was quite embarrassing for La La Land who now had to give away the most reputed award any film could possibly receive. Later, it was confirmed that the wrong announcement card had been passed. Unfortunately, the team of La La Land got the same ending that it had given to its audience.
There are many conspiracies stating that this mix up was entirely staged. No one knows if this is true but I bet Steve Harvey was sitting at home saying, “JINX!” when Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner just like he had at Miss Universe 2015! I don’t know who was more embarrassed, the team of La La Land or Miss Colombia, after being humiliated on global platforms like that.

-Aditi Nazre 11 A


Letting Go

The loneliness weighed down on her like an iron brick. The clear water mirrored the demons that dwelled in her heart. She was revolted by the girl with the tearstained face and matted, unwashed hair who stared back at her.

As the stream made its monotonous gurgling sound, she felt a sense of calm wash over her. She reflected on the struggles of the past one year. The countless nightmares she had endured. Hiding her tears behind smiles and make-up.
She decided that she had had enough.  Enough of loathing herself. Enough of criticising her imperfect physical appearance. She was a beautiful, intellectual, creative and a charismatic young woman who had a lot to offer the world. She had squandered away one year believing that she was repulsive and ugly, and did not deserve to continue living in this world full of self-assured and dignified women.She had to let go. Let go of all the anxiety. Let go of all the nights of abhorring herself. She recounted the days she had spent thumbing through fashion magazines. Her primary purpose for existence had become superficial and meaningless.
With great difficulty, she tore her eyes away from the cool, glistening stream and for the first time became aware of her whereabouts. Bright green grass and palm trees swaying in the wind diverted her otherwise one-track mind. She was mesmerised by the serene environment. She breathed in the perfection of the moment, the beauty of her tranquil surroundings.
All her life, she had suspected that there was more to reality than what meets the eye, that there are secrets lurking behind the ordinary. She shut her eyes and one by one, began the strenuous and challenging task of letting go of her fears. Each of the demons emptied themselves into the wholesome water. She turned around, ready to start over, and walked away from a year full of misery and resentment.
 ‘Normal’ is an incredibly vague word. It has no precise definition. Different people craft different definitions of normal. Well, going by Myra’s definition, she isn’t normal. Not by a long shot. But she is making minute improvements each day. She has begun socialising. She doesn’t love herself, but she doesn’t hate herself either. She has learnt to accept herself, which is what truly matters at the end of the day.
As for the blanket of fright that she had woven over herself, the threads are gradually unravelling themselves. But for the time being, Myra has learnt to let go.
-Akanksha Gupta, 11C


The Year That Was

2016 has been an interesting year, with some ups, but a much larger share of downs.

This year, we failed those who needed us the most. The innocent citizens of Syria have been caught in the middle of an inhumane war for over four years now, and it took us four entire years to create global awareness for the refugees. Humanitarian measures could have been taken to help thousands of citizens but were not taken because of the dirty politics between the countries in the Security Council.

The United States, a nation that is given credit for being a developed first-world nation, a superpower, elected Donald Trump as their 45th President. I have nothing to say  about this man, except for regaling you with a few of his words (1998):
“If I were to run (for President), I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they would still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”

On the same day, Indians who were captivated by the theatrics of the US election were faced with a surprise of their own. 90% of the hard cash in India’s economy was deemed useless overnight. While this is definitely bringing out positive changes in a lot of places in our country, the rural parts are still suffering the most.
The intentions of the demonetisation may have been good and the concept powerful and smart. However, India as a country just doesn’t have the infrastructure to take such a hit and something has to be done for the millions of people in villages across India going through a tough time.

Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, in a referendum which is popularly known as the “Brexit”. Mirroring Trump’s election in the US, this was also a very close call. While there were multiple factors related to this shocking decision, almost all of them can be traced back to xenophobia.

Every year we always mourn the death of a few public figures. This year, however, was a big blow to the pop industry as we lost several renowned actors, activists, sportspersons, musicians, and many more.

But don’t despair! We do have some things to cheer amidst this doom and gloom.

And hey, let’s not forget, Leo finally got his Oscar, ending a long-running internet meme! Gilmore Girls returned after 9 years of being off-air. Our favourite Queen Bey came out with her Grammy-winning album “Lemonade”.

So it’s safe to say that this year has definitely been a year making us feel a plethora of emotions.  Though the pain is indelible, I hope everyone takes it as a lesson and people don’t feel dejected with the harsh reality. After all, we have 2017, a new chapter to begin with.

-Shalini Ramakrishnan 11B


You’ve Missed It!!

The 2016-17 Kochi Muziris Biennale.
In your words: The Kochi Musiri-what?!
1. a large art exhibition or music festival, especially one held biennially (every other year).
Muziris is a lost port of Kerala that used to be the hub for British trade and vibrant markets.
Around the world, Biennales take place and expose people to the best of artworks and artists and their world views.  Installation art that’ll get your creative juices flowing and get your imagination to fly sky high.

This year is the third Biennale held in Kochi and it is one you HAVE to see to believe, truly!
With curator Sudarshan Shetty, an artist whose ideas and thoughts are so unique and brilliant, that they will put you in a state of awe and utter amazement as to how someone can be so artistically and philosophically driven. This biennale will challenge your perception of art, as the artworks are spread all over the city.

Art to you maybe a painting by Picasso or a sculpture by Michelangelo. But, why is it that we limit ourselves to this? Why is this our only definition of visual art?
Do you feel that a projected poem, by a poet in an empty room is art?
Do you believe that a concrete slab uprooted from the ground is art?
Do you believe that a giant egg made of ashes is art?
The Biennale asks one question –
Why is it not?

It is one of the most life changing and thought provoking experiences!
Art disturbs, comforts, inspires and motivates. It’ll push you to the edge of reason, wake you from your sleep of reason and give you a reason to not look at the world through your eyes, but someone else’s? So, trust me! Plan your vacations and breaks and any other plans to take a trip to Kochi! The biennale has already begun and is in full swing. It’ll end its journey on the 29th of March. If you visit it, it’s exciting events and the unforgettable experiences are going to live on in your heart for a long time. And so will visiting a city and a port, now lost in the sea of art.

-Aarushi Z., 11A

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Money Monster

If you come across 500 and 1000 rupee Indian notes flying in the air, you might not be dreaming. For every person who has dreamed of it raining money, it might be your lucky day!
With the announcement made by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to abolish these notes within a few minutes, the 500 and the 1000 rupee note was demonetized, leaving people with nothing more than a piece of paper which was as deceased as the father of the nation whose picture was on it
The corrupt in our country had not only managed to earn unaccounted money and save themselves from taxes but had also made space arrangements for these agglomerated stacks of the Indian rupee.
However, this was the time to get rid of these notes to save your skin. Within just a few minutes, every Indian was brought down to the same level. The primary reason for the government action was to strangle Pakistan’s easy access to the rupee. ISI’s printing press went out of business, smugglers like Dawood Ibrahim who were sitting on the heaps of 500 and 1000 rupee notes which used to be pumped into the economy at will, were left dry. Miscreants at the borders who used the fake notes to get arms and ammunitions were left empty handed.
Yes, this decision has adversely affected the common man as well, and will cause inconvenience, but when the bigger picture is taken into consideration, this too shall pass and what is to follow hopefully will be a picture of an India free of black money, an India which has a healthier and a stronger economy.

– Aditi Nazre, 11A


Let There Be Light!

It’s that time of the year again. No, not Halloween (don’t be so westernised, sheesh). Diwali. There’s magic in the air floating around, masked a little by the smoke from firecrackers, but there nonetheless. When the sun sets, you can see strings of fairy lights- some haphazardly thrown on, some careful arranged- in the freshly washed grills of windows. If you walk down the footpaths of L.J. Road near school without ducking, and you’re taller than the average midget, you’ll get hit in the face by dangling crepe paper from rows and rows of aakash kandils. The chosen lanterns will be lit by single bulbs, and wannabe photographers roam with cameras around their necks, hoping to get the perfect shot to add to their Diwali portfolio of flickering diyas and impossibly perfect rangolis. If you happened to be there on Thursday evening, you might’ve seen me, tripping over a too-short ghagra (don’t ask how, I don’t know) and crying about how expensive lanterns have become. Diwali is celebrated for the return of Ram from his 12 years exile to the forest, and while most students see it as a return to temporary peace at home away from school, and teachers see it as an opportunity to give enormous amounts of homework, I see it as something a little different. Each light left on is a guiding star for someone lost. Each rangoli made by blood, sweat and tears has a story to tell. Each prayer has words that perhaps will never be said to anyone else. Inside each box of dry fruits or mithai is a wish for happiness for another human. Each brightly coloured lantern fluttering in the breeze tells me that maybe one day I will be able to fly. Because inside this teenager forced into ethnic clothes who texts festive greetings, is the little girl who counted every kandil on the road and made Diwali cards on lined notebook paper.

-Komal Wani, 11A


Our Only Hope

I have become very critical about the concept of peace. If doves, bright sunshine and rainbows with smiles on people’s faces signify peace, then I must say that it was very peaceful when a number of our young jawaans were martyred by the terrorists during the Pathankot and the recent Uri attacks. A number of young brave hearts who were shot dead while they slept, a sheer act of cowardice.

Today we see a number of civilians talking about how war is not an answer, how banning Pakistani Artists, is not a solution and how we should have peace talks with Pakistan to resolve the problem. Did those soldiers not want peace? Were they doing it for the sake of it or was it like another game of counter strike for them? They want to establish peace which is why they retaliate when the enemy wages wars. They put their lives at stake to protect their motherland.

The Uri attacks sponsored by Pakistan snapped the thin line of tolerance that India had towards Pakistan. Within a week we witnessed India decline participating in the SAARC which was to be organized at Islamabad. Within a week we saw the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army, where they successfully neutralized 38 terrorists and destroyed their camps located outside the LoC.

In spite of the brilliant achievements made by the army, there were quite a few Indians who wondered whether the surgical strikes took place at all, or was it just an achievement highlighted by the BJP for their campaigns before the UP elections.

When the Indian Army gives an official statement it has to be trusted. They are dying for us at the borders and the least we can do is trust them. We do not need to prove the details of the attacks to anyone. It’s simply a concern of India and no one else.

The need of the hour is to stand behind our young jawaans who are living through sleepless days and nights to protect us. Skeptics should go meet the widow, daughter, son and the mother of that young soldier who was ruthlessly murdered while they were asleep.

If they can so selflessly give up their lives for our nation, we, as civilians need to understand the gravity of the situation and stand in solidarity with the armed forces.

Jai Bharat!

 – Aditi Nazre 11A

Walnut St School - sketch (1913)

A Shift to Remember
Whenever one changes schools, there is a plethora of emotions they go through. Will I be accepted? Will the teachers be as lovely as the ones in my old school? Will I ever be able to connect with this school the way I did with my last? Will I continue to be loyal to my old school during inter-school events? Or will my loyalties change? And it is at this point that one’s inner self bursts into tears, and wishes they could remain eternally at their school.
I too went through all these emotions once I passed out of my school Bombay Scottish School, Powai. Everybody kept reassuring me that the shift to the Mahim branch of the school was not going to be colossal in nature, as it still is, well, the same school. But deep down, I knew it was never going be the same again. Keeping in mind the endless amicable war between the branches on which the better branch is, it felt like I was shifting bases and joining the enemies.
As I sat in my car and started to slowly come nearer to my new school, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, the underlying paranoia I was going through started magnifying in an unending crescendo. As we reached the blue-gray building that was my new school and I got off my car, the butterflies in my stomach leaped with such suddenness that I had to pause the traffic of cars behind mine to find my center of gravity and avoid collapsing. The ironic part was that mentally, I had already collapsed.
As I entered the Gamelial Hall, where the orientation for the new ISC students was going to take place, I saw all the other students, some openly displaying their nervousness and excitement for foraying into this new board, one known for its challenging curriculum, some unsure whether they have made the right decision choosing the board, whether they would be able to cope, and I saw my friends, smiling as always, but with the same doubts as the rest of the students. Some students were trying to be confident, but the lack of surety was unmissable.
On my first day of school, all the Powai students, including me, were admittedly terrified. All the prejudices we had for the Mahim students, primarily what prejudices they would have about us, started rising. The early school buses did not help with the overthinking happening in every student from the Powai branch. However, when our new classmates, indigenous to this great institution, walked into class, most if not all of my nascent sociopathic tendencies seemed to have vanished faster than they arrived. Unlike the preconceived notion that the students from Mahim would not dwell with us, looking at their faces, every bit as nervous as mine, I felt an empathy like I would for any friend. So I started talking to them, and just as I had expected a moment ago, instead of being cold, they turned out to friendly and welcoming!
Today, I enjoy every moment spent in this wonderful school. The name may be slightly different, but in essence it is just the same. Whenever the school song is sung, it takes me back to Powai. Some phrases might be slightly different, we may say “Mahim Bay” instead of “Powai Lake”, but the feeling of pride remains the same. But where do my loyalties lie, you may ask? Am I still a representative of Bombay Scottish School, Powai, or have I changed my loyalties to Bombay Scottish School, Mahim? Well, I realized something. I realized that you do not have to give up or throw away your past in order to move on. Especially when your past is something you’re proud of.
I love you, Bombay Scottish School, Powai.
I’m falling in love with you too, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim.
All I can say is I am a Scottishite in every branch of me (pun!), and hopefully, I will make both schools proud.
-Siddhart Saarda 11B


Change of Guard

Being chosen as the School Captain for the year 2016 – 2017 has been one of the most honourable, overwhelming yet humbling experiences of my life.
I will always remember how awestruck I have been when our school captains would address us , and now that I have got the privilege to step into those giant shoes, it makes me want to be an exemplary role model for all.
“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is leading through action and example.”
Throughout our journey at Bombay Scottish School, our Principal, Teachers and support staff have inculcated in us the values of integrity, excellence, self-discipline and humility.
My captains and I will strive to uphold these values while we discharge our duties to the best of our potential.
We are geared up for 2016-2017 which will be yet another school year filled with competitions on academic and co-curricular platforms, social work activities and athletic events. We promise our whole-hearted assistance and participation for the same.
This journey will enable us to learn and grow as individuals and hone the skills of leadership in us.
We are thankful to have been considered fit for this honour and are ready to lead from the front.

-Neha Mathur 11C



Brainstorm has been spoken about through the floors of this school for about a month now. Its buzz and excitement has managed to capture everyone’s attention. Everybody wants to be a part of it, but what more do you know about it than the fact – It’s like TED x. Well hopefully at the end of this you’ll have a better idea.

Inspired by TED X and INK the students of Bombay Scottish present to you a forum that brainstorm ideas to create something exceptional. They aim at presenting breakthrough ideas, exceptional skill and new perspectives. HiRes-2-2

Unlike  TED X which invites people who have already made a mark. Brainstorm lets you make a mark on its forum. If you have any new ideas, a theory that you wish to share, life experiences that you think can make a difference, Brainstorm is your platform. Quite frankly it doesn’t have to be with the purpose of making a difference. It can be just an insight into your perspective about any one aspect of the world.

  The application form permits multiple categories such as entrepreneurship, science and technology, sociology, psychology, social work and then a box that says ”other”.  Considering Brainstorm is a forum in which you have to present your idea to the world, stage presence is essential. You have to be able to express yourself in a speech that is approximately 12 minutes long.  With the help of a selection panel, the core team will handpick the best application presented. It looks for an application that not only highlights skill, but the urge to portray it and showcase it to the world.

  The audience consists of students, ex-students, and a panel of esteemed guests. To further spread the word, the IT department will publish every event on their website.  Brainstorm’s Facebook page will provide constant updates regarding any upcoming events and their website is always there to refer.

–By Esha Sridhar 11A                                   

Tetra Pack Recycling Initiative 11693871_1039762079390723_6904393056755727998_n

Our school has an active participation in the tetra-pack recycling initiative which involves students of Std.3 bringing in used tetra packs. Which have been washed, cleaned and dried. Next, these are delivered to Sarkari Bhandar.

The RUR(: are you Reducing, Reusing and Recycling?) carries out this initiative on a larger scale and has expressed the desire to involve our school. They have informed us how the tetra packs could be recycled to make several different objects that we can use in our daily lives.

–Malvika Nerulkar 11C

Senior Prize Day

The Annual Senior Prize Day, has to be by far one of the most awaited events throughout the year. Nothing compares to the thrill of being awarded, and the realisation that all of your hard work finally paid off.

Prize day is the one day where you can be part of your old class once again. For the people who moved out of school, or for the 10th and 12th, it’s a day to reunite with your old friends. For the little bunch,i.e. std. 5-8 senior prize day is the best kind of motivation; with your parents, teachers, seniors and even strangers applauding your efforts from the very start.

The most exciting part starts after the prizes are distributed: with the Tartan being unveiled, and the entertainment section which includes Choral Recitation and the winner of the ‘Nritya’ (this years winner blue house in the senior category and yellow in the junior category) there is hardly a moment without excitement.

Senior Prize Day is proof of the fact that no matter what, hard work always pays off and those who make an effort to do so will always be rewarded in Scottish.

–Tisha Virani 11A

Change of Guard

          ‘Change of guard’ is the stage where the authority and guardianship is handed down to another incoming lot. And the selection of the ‘new student council body’ is probably the one thing that every student looks forward to. The younger students get excited to see the new face that will lead them for the next academic year. While older students wait in anticipation to see how many actually make the ‘cut’.

          The badge of a ‘Prefect’ or ‘House Captain’ fills our hearts  with joy and pride. However, to be honest, there are always over a dozen disheartened students who realise that maybe this was not the right cherry on their cakes.

          Never the less, a new council, fresh minds and enthusiastic members are needed every year. Once they’ve taken their prefect oaths, once the shining pin is put on their well ironed blazer and once they have signed the register…the battle for the house cup begins. Very evidently, a small badge does put a lot of responsibilities on the weak shoulders of the students. But it’s definitely worth the shot !

                                                                                                                                                            — Aditi Batra 11 BIMG_5776 (1)



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  2. Saumitri Sircar · May 29, 2017

    school children with such grasp in the language and such a matured thought process leave me enthralled….

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